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£3.95  175ml

£4.95  250ml


Bin 1 – £15.00  Chile Undurraga Sauvignon (Alc Vol 12.5% white)

The Chileans have a great reputation for good wines. This Sauvignon Blanc was bottled young in order to maintain its distinctive freshness. It has a pale colour with green overtones. The nose delivers ripe citrus aromas and the palate it is dry and crisp with zesty fruit. A very enjoyable glass of wine.


Bin 2 – £15.00  Chile Undurraga Merlot (Alc Vol 12.5% red)

This wine was made with quality selected Merlot grapes, grown in Chile’s Central Valley. It has an excellent depth of colour and is full of vibrant dark berry characters. It is very well balanced, medium bodied and very easy drinking. Silky smooth in the mouth. A really elegant Merlot.


Bin 3 – £15.00  USA Burlesque White Zinfandel Rosé (Alc Vol 11% rosé)

This major crowd pleaser, slightly sweeter than the norm from the famous Lodi region in California, where Zinfandel is king. Strawberry and ice cream on the nose and a bright fruit packed strawberry jam palate.



Bin 4 – £35.00  Thierry Triolet Champagne Brut (Alc Vol 12%)

Excellent Champagne from Cote de Sezanne. It is a great crowd pleaser and exceptional value for money. The Triolet Brut is light, fruity and very easy drinking; it makes a fantastic aperitif to wake up your palate, with lots of fresh ripe juicy green apple flavours. Small grower, excellent quality.


Bin 5 – £40.00  DeviIle Carte Noir NV Brut Champagne (Alc Vol 12%)

Superb Champagne — mature, rich, complex. This is simply an utter joy to drink. This is exceptional quality and excellent value for money. Elegant fresh red berry scents, citrus flavours and a superb dry finish. Dominated with 70% Grand Cru Pinot Noir, so if you like Champagne, you will love this.



Bin 6 – £18.00  Italy Vignarosa Prosecco Spumante (Alc Vol 11%)

Fresh, fruity with a grapefruit ‘zing’. Lively, typically fresh with apple and pear fruit and grapefruit freshness on the finish. This is a classy prosecco wine, perfect for any occasion.


Bin 7 – £18.00  Chile Undurraga Reserve Brut Royal Rosé (Alc Vol 12%)

Champagne quality sparkling wine from wine producer of the year 2013. Attractive eye-catching pink colour with persistent bubbles, with extremely complex sensations, particularly of fruit like red cherries and floral notes of rose. It is off dry, delicate and fruity with good body. You will be impressed.



Bin 8 – £16.00  Chile Santiago Rosé (Alc Vol 13.5%)

With a very rich pink colour this wine shows its varietal character. The palate is medium bodied, loaded with ripe juicy black fruit flavours. A very easy drinking rosé that finishes nicely with an off -dry sensation. It is perfectly balanced by mouth-watering acidity.


Bin 9 – £16.50  Italy Mirabello Pinot Grigio Blush (Alc Vol 12.5%)

Strawberries and ice cream in a glass A light and very refreshing blend of Pinot Grigio with light syrah. Crammed with summer fruits and a delicate twist of pink.



Bin 10 – £15.50  Italy Pinot Grigio Tarvisium (Alc Vol 12%)

A flavoursome Pinot Grigio, straw yellow in colour with greenish reflections and nuances of copper that remind us of the colour of the grapes. It has a fruity delicate floral bouquet with plenty of character. A highly versatile dry wine white with good body and a backbone of crisp refreshing acidity.


Bin 11 – £15.50  Chile Undurraga Chardonnay (AIc Vol 13.5%)

This Chardonnay is light and fresh and delivers maximum delight from the first to the last glass. It has a golden straw colour with hints of citrus and tropical fruits on the nose. The palate generous with very rich flavours.


Bin 12 – £15.50  South Africa False Bay Chenin Blanc (AIc Vol 13%)

There is a rich swirl of Chenin characters with gentle ripe apple aromas and the honeyed aromatics. It has delicious greengage and citrus lemon acidity with a long finish and an exceptional taste level.


Bin 13 – £16.50  Sabina Blanco Viura/Chardonnay (AIc Vol 12%)

A very nice easy drinking wine from Navarra in Northern Spain. 80% Viura and 20% Chardonnay, just to make it a little more exciting. Straw yellow in colour and very smooth on the palate. Sabina Blanco is a lively, lemony white with delicate grapefruit scents. It is eminently quaffable, very clean, sprightly and refreshing.


Bin 14 – £17.50  New Zealand Moko Black Sauvignon Blanc (AIc Vol 12.5%)

A quality sauvignon blanc from the famous Marlborough region. Bright, very pale with hints of green hues. Very refreshing with lifted tropical fruits, melons and pineapples, rolling into cut grass and fresh herbs. Extremely popular.



Bin 15 – £15.50  Italy Ancora Sangiovese (AIc Vol 12%)

100% Sangiovese grapes from the Salentino peninsula in southern Puglia. A very pleasant medium bodied everyday drinking red with rich aromas of red berry and damson fruit. Perfect juicy food wine.


Bin 16 – £15.50  South Africa False Bay Shiraz (AIc Vol 14%)

Dark garnet with a violet rim. Toasted oak with lifted berry fruit that draws you in! Full yet elegant with bramble fruit aromas, cassis and black cherry flavours on the palate. Try it with Chicken Jalfrezi.


Bin 17 – £16.50  Spain Alta Vega Tempranillo Rioja (AIc Vol 13.5%)

This a beautiful young modern wine that combines the great simplicity and elegance of great classics from Rioja. It is bursting with ripe red fruits and liquorice/vanilla aromas typical of this famous region of Spain. A tasty wine with a sweet tannin structure that leaves a long aftertaste.


Bin 18 – £17.50  Argentina Mendoza Pablo V Walter Malbec (Alc Vol 14.5%)

A really pure and true expression of Malbec , bright red & juicy , rich chocolate flavours with a lick of oak to round out the edges. Muy, muy fantasticó richly bloody, vibrant, Latin and velveteen.


Bin 19 – £27.50  France Chante Cigale Châteaunuef du Pape Rouge (AIc Vol 15%)

Complexity, richness and elegance. Quality, quality, quality! This excellent wine has lots of warm black fruit and plum aromas, with cinnamon, spices, pepper and a hint of vanilla. The palate is very concentrated with damsons, red fruit, spice and stony minerality. Very silky with a very warm finish. Try this with Indian lamb dishes.


½ Pint Pint

£1.95  £3.90  Cobra

£1.95  £3.90  Carling

£1.70  £3.40  John Smiths

£1.70  £3.40  Strongbow

£1.70  £3.40  Woodpecker


½ Pint Pint

£1.50  £3.00  Coke

£1.50  £3.00  Diet Coke

£1.50  £3.00  Lemonade

£1.50  £3.00  Tonic Water

£1.50  £3.00  Slim-line Tonic

£1.50  £3.00  Soda

£1.50  £3.00  Orange Juice

£1.50  £3.00  Apple Juice

£1.50  £3.00  Mango Juice

£2.10  275ml  Appletiser

£2.10  275ml  J2O Orange & Passionfruit

£2.10  275ml  J2O Apple & Mango

£1.75  330ml  Still Water

£3.95  1litre    Still Water

£1.75  330ml  Sparkling Water

£3.95  1litre    Sparkling Water

£0.50p            Mixer


£3.20  330ml  Budweiser

£3.20  330ml  Peroni

£3.20  330ml  Magners Cider

£4.95  660ml  Cobra

£4.95  660ml  Kingfisher

£4.95  660ml  Bangla


£3.25  USA Honey Bourbon Liqueur

£3.25  USA Cinnamon Bourbon Liqueur

£3.25  USA Cherry Bourbon Liqueur

£3.50  Siberia Mamont Vodka (Alc Vol 45%)

£3.50  London No1 Blue Gin (Alc Vol 47%)

£3.50  USA Foursquare Spiced Rum

£3.50  S.A. Van Ryn 10 Year Brandy

£3.50  Japanese Nikka Whisky Amok (Alc Vol 54.1%)


£2.40  Martini Dry

£2.40  Martini Dry Sweet

£2.40  Martini Dry Rosso

£2.40  Taboo

£2.90  Smirnoff Vodka

£2.90  Gordon’s Gin

£2.90  Bacardi Rum

£2.90  Bells

£2.90  Jamesons

£2.90  Malibu

£2.90  Archers

£2.90  Southern Comfort

£2.90  Tia Maria

£2.90  Drambuie

£2.90  Baileys

£2.90  Cointreau

£3.40  Jack Daniels

£3.90  Glenfiddich

£3.90  Glenmorangie

£3.90  Martell Cognac

£3.40  Courvoisier

£3.90  Hennessy